Momma Leche Soap and Oils

I absolutely love making soap.   I have been crazy about color since I was a small child.  As an adult I was painting abstracts because it was the only way I could actually ‘dabble in color’ but I got tired of trying to explain to people ‘what it was’ that I was painting.  It’s hard to explain that really I am only painting my feeling at the moment and not something you actually recognize.

SO…enter soap.  Little small canvases that I can make any color I want for any reason I want!  I can mix and match and just put any colors together that I think would look good!  And…everyone still recognizes them to be soap!!  However some people do say that they think they look more like food, but that is still OK too!

Then I got to learn that smell is almost as much fun as the color!  Smells I don’t like but others do…what to do with them.  So, I started mixing them with other smells and ‘poof’ and amazing smell is created.  You should smell my workshop!  It is amazing!    My Labradoodle, Pancho, just sleeps out there when I am working.  You can almost hear his sighs of bliss with all the smells.  He loves essential oils.  Some bars I use essential oils in, other bars I use fragrance oil.

My plans are to branch out into lotions and blended oils that will take my love for essential oils and put them to good use.   I am taking several aromatherapy classes right now in order to shore up my knowledge with good, hard research and class time.  But more of that in future.

Until then, you can purchase my soaps at a couple of locations.               My workshop is located at 3053 Adams Circle, Medford OR 97504 and is open by appointment.  For an appointment you may call me on my cell at 541.944.6040 or text me.  You can also email me at  I am available nights and weekends generally.

You can also purchase my soap at an AMAZING Massage Therapy Studio called Body Works, Body ‘n Balance.   They are located at 1550 Biddle Road Ste C, Medford OR 97504.  They are generally open from 8 am to 7 pm.  Their phone number is 541.734.7000.    If you are looking for a great place to be treated for all your aches and pains, this is the place. Danie and Tracy will take excellent care of you!

And lastly, I am at the Farmer’s Market in Jacksonville on the first Sunday of the month starting June 1 and ending in August… depending on the weather…I might go later!  It is located at the Historic Courthouse grounds at 206 N. 5th St in Jacksonville.  It will be from 9 am to 12:30.

On that happy, sweet smelling note I need to go  make more soap!!


Handmade soap and essential oils